Opening your gate at the touch of a button is the ultimate modern convenience. If you live on a property where your gate is located far from a power source, you might think an automatic gate isn’t an option. This is where solar powered electric gate openers come into play. Perfect for rural and regional areas, as well as the homeowner who wants to save money and lower their carbon footprint. 

Benefits of a Solar Powered Gate Opener

Solar powered gate openers can power all sorts of gates, including large, heavy gates up to 800kgs. Featuring internal batteries, most systems don’t require sun every day to operate. Other benefits include:

  • Tax credits may be available
  • Save money on your electricity bill
  • No need to worry about an electricity outage
  • Better for the environment
  • Cost-effective

On average you need around 4-6 hours of sunlight each day to keep the batteries fully charged. The gate opener will keep operating for up to 3 days without any sunlight.

How Do Solar Powered Gate Openers Work? 

Solar gate openers are ideal for residential, rural and commercial properties where there may be no power or it is cost prohibitive to run power to the gate. 

Watch how they work below. 

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